Finance for the Non-Financial Managers

Program fee: 600 AZN

Date and time: March 5-7, 9:00 -16:30

Deadline for application: 26 February 2019

Course Instructors

Finance for the Non-Financial Manager is designed to teach you fundamental financial skills, including your ability to record business transactions, read financial reports, identify relevant cost information, budget and assess performance, and analyze working capital, discounted cash flow, and capital expenditures.

You can apply the content of the program to your own business or managerial circumstance to make more informed decisions within your organization.

You will learn to:

  • Become familiar with terminology and general principles.
  • Analyze and interpret financial information and reports, including cash flow statements     and business unit portfolio.
  • Review typical models of cost allocation among units, products and services and spot how those models can be improved.
  • Make the distinction between income and cash flow.
  • Fit key financial concepts into your corporate strategy.
  • Gain exposure to diverse financial approaches, including methods of valuation.
  • Perform basic financial analyses to inform your day-to-day operations.    
  • Become adept in financial decision-making.

Program Benefits:

After you complete Finance for the Non-Financial Manager, you'll walk away with:

  • Basic foundation in finance terminology, concepts and application you need to become more effective in your role, enabling you to lead your organization without fear of the numbers.
  • The ability to identify key issues effecting financial decisions
  • Self-reliance and skills for navigating financial challenges in partnership with, not dependence on, your accounting and financial team
  • Increased confidence in your choices and how they benefit the bottom line
  • The ability to translate financial reports and cost analyses into meaningful feedback for your team

Who Should Apply?

This program is designed for the non-finance people involved in any kind of decision making process within organization affecting financial position and performance of the organization. No previous knowledge of finance and/or accounting is required. However, the participants are expected to have a general business understanding.

What’s the Course Language?

The course will be conducted in Azerbaijani. 


Companies, 3 participants - 15%

Companies, 5 and more participants - 20%

AMCHAM members - 10%

ADA University Donors - 15 %

ADA University Executive Education Alumni - 25%

ADA University Alumni - 20%

Government Agencies and International Organizations - 20%