Online Course: "Strategic Management and Strategic Planning"

Program fee: 395 AZN*

Date and time: March 11-12, 10:00-13:00 Baku Time

Deadline for application: 4 March 2021

Organizations increasingly operate in challenging business environments, facing increasing global and local competitive pressure, forces of technological innovation and disciplining forces of financial markets. Coping with these forces requires a thorough understanding of strategic analysis, strategic planning and moreover being able to successfully implement strategic change.
In this online course, the process of strategy formation is carefully examined, with special attention to the practical element of 
The program centers around the following questions: 
• How can the concept of strategy help you as a manager or entrepreneur?
• How do you define vision, mission and organizational purpose for your organization?
• How do you apply the models and frameworks to your own organizational challenges?
• How do you define a strategy that works for your organization?
• How to enable effective organizational change
Learning Objectives
This program emphasizes the analytical toolset required for strategy formulation and the application of this toolset in order for you to design a strategic plan for your own organization. 
The program has the following learning objectives:
• To update participants with the analytical concepts and tools in the field of strategy formulation including the latest developments 
• To enhance the professional skills of participants in this field 
• To stimulate critical thinking by the sharing of real life experiences amongst participants and between participants and the trainer
• To enhance the participant’s broader managerial skills, ultimately leading to increased personal effectiveness
Course Outline
• The function of strategy formation
• How to set up a strategic process
• Steps in building a sound strategy
• Defining organizational purpose (Vision & mission)
• Making a proper strategic analysis (internal & external analysis)
• Defining consequent Strategic Issues & Options
• Further strategic concepts and tools to develop a proper strategy
• Translating Business ideas into a sound business model
• Building a plan (defining goals, objectives and targets)
• Enabling strategic change

Language: English

Target Audience: Mid and senior level professionals


3 participants - 5%

5 and more participants - 10%

AMCHAM members - 10%

The Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIAF) members - 10%

ADA University donors - 10 %

ADA University Executive Education Alumni- 15%

ADA University alumni - 15%

Government Agencies and International Organizations - 15%



Aliya Aghalarova, Administrator, Leadership Development Programs