"Business Etiquette and Protocol"

Program fee: 295 AZN*

Date and time: April 21-23, 11:00 -13:00

Deadline for application: 14 April 2021

Course Overview
Protocol is an important part of diplomatic practice. While in the past, personal meetings between Heads of State were not as common as they are today, this does not mean that they did not communicate. Communication was conducted through special envoys who travelled long distances in order to convey messages between states safely and reliably. In order to facilitate this exchange of communication, a set of rules and mechanisms evolved. These rules covered the ceremonial duties, etiquette, good manners, and rules of precedence to be adopted during official functions.
With the advent of air travel, Heads of State and respective delegations began to meet more often, resulting in a rise in summitry. This increase in diplomatic contact meant that diplomatic protocol became even more important. Such meetings necessitate that protocol procedures and etiquette are strictly followed in order to find a balance between commonly accepted norms of behavior that need to be applied during such events. All protocol procedures employed during a state or official visit have to be subtle and exact.  
Etiquette helps one present oneself in a professional manner not only in diplomatic circles but also in business-related scenarios. The ever-changing business environment and the diversity of cultures demand that business executives master the basics of etiquette and better understand multicultural manners. Business executives should also learn how to apply business etiquette rules in a wide variety of typical business situations.
Course Objectives
Few books delve into the subject of protocol and ceremonial procedures. Experience shows that protocol is essentially an art that can be learned by doing, i.e. by following step-by-step what has been done in the past. Such knowledge is mainly learned at the hands of a master, from the shared experiences of seasoned diplomats, or through specialist workshops such as this one. Our primary focus is to enable the participant to get a better understanding of official protocol and etiquette as practiced at state level, at international meetings, and at business meetings.
By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Introduce themselves and others appropriately and engage in initial conversation; 
• Use handshakes effectively;
• Present and receive business cards appropriately;
• Use correct titles and forms of address in different contexts;
• Prepare invitations for various events and different levels of formality; prepare notes of acceptance and decline for events;
• Correct form of sending and/or replying to email messages;
• Create a professional image and maintain positive office relationships;
• Use the internet appropriately;
• Be a courteous traveller and prepare for international business trips.
The workshop will include PowerPoint presentation, simulation exercises, and questions and answer sessions. Various types of exercises may be used, including
• Basic role-play exercises covering introductions, joining conversations, handshakes (which may be video recorded for further discussion and analysis)
• Practical written exercises in preparing letters, place cards, envelopes, etc., with correct titles and forms of address, preparing invitations and notes of acceptance/decline
• Role play involving order of precedence
• Hands-on experience at making a seating plan
• Learning how to prepare and deliver a toast
• Drafting checklists for various functions
• Procedures to be adopted during the signing ceremony of an agreement


Course language: English


3 participants - 5%

5 and more participants - 10%

AMCHAM members - 10%

The Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIAF) members - 10%

ADA University donors - 10 %

ADA University Executive Education Alumni- 15%

ADA University alumni - 15%

Government Agencies and International Organizations - 15%


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