Mr. Allahverdi Baghirov, Chief Human Resources Officer, Gilan Holding

Allahverdi Baghirov – after completing high school in the USA, received a Bachelor’s degree from Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University and MBA degree from Azerbaijan State Economics University.
He has over 14 years of work experience in the area of Human Resources Management.
Besides, he has been a participant in a number of high-level training and learning courses from the USA and England.
He has acquired the SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) Certification being the highest qualification of the USA’s Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI).
He has been delivering lectures dedicated to the topics of Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior in the MBA programs of various Universities.
Currently, he is holding the Chief Human Resources Officer position at Gilan Holding.
During 2019 to 2020 he has participated and graduated with distinction from ASEP (Adaptive Strategic Execution Program), which is the joint program between ADA and Duke Fuqua Business School.
Allahverdi Baghirov is the Organizer of “Building and Managing High Performance Teams” training for Managers and Leaders.
He is also a Professional Coach. In 2020 he acquired Coaching Education from Erickson Coaching International.