Online Course: Leadership Skills in Times of Crisis

This online course consists of 3 sessions:

Day 1, October 27

Session 1, 15:00 - 18:00

Course Instructor: Dr. Katarzyna Pisarska, Founder and Director of the European Academy of Diplomacy


  • Leadership Styles in Times of Crisis
  • Building Resilient Teams
  • Leadership Communication
  • Leadership Ethics

Description: The three-hour online workshop is designed to help corporate managers and leaders to better achieve their company’s agenda, while investing in long-term personal growth. By focusing on both individual and team leadership development, this executive training prepares participants to build productive teams, navigate adversity and foster an ethical culture of leadership which guarantees sustained growth – all in the new context created by a global health crisis.

Day 2, October 28

Session 2, 15:00 - 16:15

Topic: Change Management 

Course Instructor: Mrs. Zarina Zeynalova, Chartered FCIPD / Chief Human resources Officer, Pasha Construction Group

  • Why change programs fail
  • Why people resist change
  • Kotter’s change management model

Session 3, 16:30 - 18:00

Topic: Emotional Intelligence

Course Instructor: Mrs. Aydan Asgarova, Outreach Programs Director, US Embassy Baku

Description: The course intends to emphasize the importance of Emotional Intelligence in everyday management processes and effective leadership. The content of the course is tailored for experienced professionals willing to excel in their careers and develop their people-to-people skills.

1. EQ vs IQ?

2. Intrapersonal Management

- Self Awareness 

- Emotions and Decision-making 

3. Interpersonal Management

- Social and Organizational Awareness 

- Empathy in Business

4. Leaders and EQ

Language: English



3 participants - 5%

5 and more participants -10%

AMCHAM members -10%

The Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIAF) members -10%

ADA University donors -10 %

ADA University Executive Education Alumni -15%

ADA University alumni -15%

Government Agencies and International Organizations -15%



Aliya Aghalarova, Administrator, Leadership Development Programs