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Online course: Scenario Analysis And Planning: How To Deal With The World Changing Because Of The Corona Pandemic

Program fee: 300 AZN*

Date and time: July 8-10, 11:00-13:00

Deadline for application: 1 July 2020

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Although strategic leadership requires the ability to exploit current organizational resources, just as important is the capability to have a clear picture about how the relevant business world is evolving and accordingly adapt the business model for future success. This holds especially true in a world that is rapidly changing because of the digital revolution which is even accelerated by the corona pandemic. Successful business leaders are the ones that are able to foresee possible scenarios and to develop and implement strategic foresight accordingly. This requires being able to orchestrate a strategic process that looks beyond the obvious current threats and opportunities. A process which combines rational analysis with creative thinking, thus stretching the organization being able to use developments, like the changes because of the corona pandemic, for its own strategic advantage.

This course explores insights, theories and techniques for developing strategies that are beyond an extrapolation of current affairs, with a focus on practical applicability. After an intro on strategy we will work on developing your ability to build relevant business scenarios and create strategic foresight. Thus increasing your competence on strategic thinking and learn a widely known, both less understood strategic technique that enables you and your organization to envision a future that is both sound and compelling: scenario analysis and planning.

Day 1 – Strategy

  • What is strategy about?
  • How do you create and maintain a fit with the environment?
  • What is happening in the environment? What is the digital revolution and how does the corona pandemic accelerate this?
  • How to manage the paradox of exploitation and exploration

Food for thought: What is your product market combination? What trends have an impact on that fit? 

Day 2 – Scenario analysis: creating foresight

  • Strategic thinking, what types of futures to explore?
  • Scenario analysis: methodology & narratives
    • What to do with Corona? How does this alter your business landscape?
  • How to develop industry foresight

Food for thought: What are the most unpredictable and impactful factors for your organization?

Day 3 – Strategic planning: Strategy development

  • Creating industry foresight: how to build a vision for the future?
  • Scenario planning: build your strategy for the (most likely) scenarios.  

Food for thought: How do you create value, articulated in a PMC, in the future? What objectives do you need to achieve to succeed?

Language: English



3 participants - 5%

5 and more participants - 10%

AMCHAM members - 10%

The Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIAF) members - 10%

ADA University donors - 10 %

ADA University Executive Education Alumni- 15%

ADA University alumni - 15%

Government Agencies and International Organizations - 15%



Aliya Aghalarova, Administrator, Leadership Development Programs

Email: aaghalarova@ada.edu.az